Welcome. My name is Lana, the founder of LAVA.

A qualified events professional with over seven years of industry experience, my career in events has been a diverse one. Both managing and supporting a number of events around the globe, my career to date has provided me with a great mix of transferable skills, my most notable being highly organised, deadline driven, a forward thinker, my creative flair, my attention to detail and my strange love for budgets! 

Seeking a change from the events world, I decided to undergo a drastic career change and try my hand at a trade. It was here within the construction industry that my idea for LAVA started to blossom. On a daily basis I witnessed the struggles and unnecessary stress of so many business owners, including from those closest to me. With too much to do but simply not enough time or resources to do them, I wanted to help. I knew with my background, I could offer these business owners regular support and alleviate their burnout. LAVA was born.