What platform do you build your websites on?

All our websites are designed using WIX. WIX is our preferred platform due to it being extremely user friendly and the extensive list of integrations available. Our clients find it effortless to take over their website once the build is complete, and make any future updates all on their own.

Can you build custom coded websites?

Unfortunately no, we cannot build custom coded websites at this stage.

Can you edit my website on another platform?

We sure can! Prior to editing your website on another platform, we will request your backend login details so we can ensure the website can be edited by LAVA. Once we are certain we can edit the website, we will send across recommendations on how we think the website can be improved for your input.

How do I get started?

The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.

How long will my website take?

A website build can take anywhere between 4-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the website, and the speed of communication recieved.

Will my website have SEO (search engine optimisation)?

Is there anything else I should know?

Do I need to provide content and images?